However, if such a question arises out of your mind, then, this is the right time to take some action because designing and running an active website is not enough, rather it requires regular content updating, protection against malware and viruses as well as maintenance. By keeping the website up to date, you can ensure your web page to perform incredibly and attract more and more visitors to the website and make them engage continuously lowering the bounce rate.

UAE is a hub for many big and small companies. We can help you in this regard by making your website run flawlessly without any glitch as we provide a complete package for website maintenance and support. By joining hands with us you can avail various services and packages. Our company in Dubai, UAE follows the terms and agreements and thus help you in providing quality services. 

Support & Maintenance Key Points

“Launching a new website should mark the genesis of a client’s relationship, not the conclusion” Is your website so developed by you is stagnant, or, are there any probable threats infecting your website
Web Hosting
Website Maintenance
Website Support
Website Virus Remova

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Get the best website Support and Maintenance service in Dubai from our end as our team offers the best digital solutions for brand promotion online. Dubai Website Design City offer Website Support and Maintenance Plans, website designweb development, digital marketing, PPCWordPresseCommerce and SEO services to support your business in Dubai and UAE-wide. Talk to one of our experts today.

Web Hosting

Web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service through which you can have a presence on the world wide web and thus help in getting access to the internet. We provide you with various web hosting services with unlimited hosting space, bandwidth & email accounts for your planned websites. As per the client’s requirements, we can help you with more space on our servers so that you can update more and more useful content as well as rich media without a single compromise.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance plays a very important role. A website needs to be updated frequently with new content so that visitors get the access of fresh information and they get engrossed in the website leading to lower bounce rates. We help maintain the page loading speed of a web page so that the page takes less time to load and eventually raise the user experience of that particular website. We also optimize the website for different Operating Systems, devices, etc. The error/spam messages from Google is continuously taken into consideration from time to time and thus fixed accordingly.

Website Support

We help to rectify problems of the website arising due to some misconduct or troubleshooting. Problems regarding the crawling and spam messages from Webmasters are taken into account and necessary steps are followed to make a smooth-running website. We provide a Critical support role for many clients helping them in maintenance, scaling and extension of existing websites and web applications, etc. Our company provides mission critical web services, including maintenance, web development, and marketing for organizations and strategic planning of different websites.

Website Malware Anti-Virus Removal Solutions

If due to any reason your website suffers an infection of viruses and malware, then we have the solution for you as we provide complete antivirus protection to your website. We have developed the highest grade security tool that will help to curb any virus threats at a single go. We have our own security monitoring labs and experts that continuously updates its databases by following all the terms and agreements that restricts the use of the client’s sensitive information in order to tackle any future threats and provide 24×7×365 professional support to our valuable clients. Our companies have developed security tools and strong algorithm base that can work on any type of servers, any CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. and custom developed websites and web applications.

Website Design Modification

Websites nowadays require modification and have to be visually attractive in order to match the tastes and preferences of the visitors. A simple and a bland website with no customization can lead to a bad user experience. So, to make sure that the website is attractive and eye-catchy, themes, fonts, color combinations etc. are implemented by our expert developers making it grab eyeballs. To help the companies in this regard, our agency is ready to accept proposals to take proper care of the projects of our clients.

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